Name: Preston Scavo
Age: 17
House: Laics
Eye color: Brown
Traits: Coldhearted, Carefree, Ignorant, Selfless, Cunning

"Life’s a bitch and she always will be."

Being the middle child out of six kids was never easy for Preston Scavo. The fact that he was a twin, the youngest, didn’t help matters at all. His parents had never been wealthy, so the Scavo kids didn’t even know what being spoiled felt like. Unlike his pure blood friends, Preston watched his hard working father struggle to feed his family while his mother was a simple house wife. The young wizard was put aside in a very young age which made him realize that nothing in this world gets served on a silver platter. He learned that there wasn’t room for him in his family, so he decided to make room for himself. He was confused and hopeless, felt like he was cursed and since he couldn’t blame his family without feeling a knife pierce his pure blood heart, he blamed everything else- hated the world and hated people in it. So when he got the acceptance letter from Beauxbatons, Preston packed whatever needed and left Detroit with the thought that in order to get far in life, you have to work hard. Never let anything or anyone get in the way of succes.

Careful walking on the tracks, cause there’s a Pres train coming.. choo choo.”

So after spending everything he owned in Diagon Alley, he took the flight to France and never looked back. Of course he had a goal and he knew that already before getting sorted that he would be placed in Laics, so it was the perfect house to focus on himself for the following years to come. He was coldhearted and nothing seemed to phase him- until that day he ran into his fellow house student: Samantha Hart. She was cheeky and didn’t seem bothered at all that Preston threw violent words around. So a few years later the two of them decided to give whatever it was a chance. But Preston being unable to show emotions, he felt scared and the more envolved he got, the more he pushed away. He started flirting with other girls, not even feeling bad that Samantha saw it as it took place. And since that didn’t push her away either, he decided to see just how far he could go before she was fed up. One night he took a girl into the Laics common room and slept with her in front of the fire place, which of course Samantha saw when she entered the basement not long after, seeing Preston in the arms of another girl. Two years into the relationship and Samantha finally had enough and broke up with him.

Seriously, if I fail out of here I have to go to wiz school in the Caribbean. Dude, I don’t speak Caribbesian, so tell me what to do!”

Preston went on, pretending it didn’t matter and he truly believed it didn’t. He was Preston Scavo afterall, Laics Quidditch captain and determined to keep his house pride in order. He never even wondered when it was his turn to feel happiness because in the back of his head he often thought about how he spent several nights on a playground, depended on friends to give him food and prayed that one of these days his parents would love him- since that never happened, Preston lost all hope for a life filled with love. With only one year left, he’s determined to become the best wizard and eventually be a professional Quidditch player- because no matter how low life he is, that’s something he knows he’s truly good at.

You’re smart, nice and smell like the beach. Not like the kind of beach with dead fish, homeless dudes camping, and that weird foamy stuff….”

Gabriel Egloff : He’s pretty much the only one who can talk some sense into Preston without him slicing his throat wide open. Preston can actually laugh around Gabe, knowing that the guy doesn’t turn his back on him whenever Preston’s a bit out of control. Gabe is carefree and pretty laid back, which Preston actually enjoys to a certain level. Being extremely coldhearted, Preston finds some sort of family in the fellow house mate.

Samantha Hart : When Preston became a young teenager he met Samantha and it was literally love at first sight for both of them. But with Preston being a douche, he did everything in his power to ruin their relationship on purpose. Without admitting it, he actually care about the blonde but he would rather get caught in a dress than admitting that. Even though he never said the actual words, he does love her and he probably always will. She took a chance on him when nobody else would. She’s the one that went away but he’s too proud to admit it.

"Don’t get me wrong, I still care. I just stopped showing it. I can only do so much when my effort isn’t recognized."

Brody Ryder : Close friend.
Jeremy O’Connor : Enemy.

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